Innovative projects of Alpha Arts and Science College students

Alpha Arts and Science College

Alpha Arts and Science College (Porur), Participating students form teams on their campus and Apply business concepts to develop outreach projects that improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. Through the Enactus India National Competition, teams are provided a forum to present  the results of their projects, and to be evaluated by business leaders serving as judges. The Enactus India National Champion team advances to theprestigious Enactus World Cup.
The Enactus Team at Alpha Arts and Science College are achievers, having already set a high standard for themselves by winning the World Cup at Berlin, Germany, a press release said. As part of the global Enactus competition, Alpha Enactus is working on 3 innovative projects. This venture is distinctive in its aims, purposes and methods of implementation. The goal of each of these projects is to provide sustainable employability and contribute towards conservation of biodiversity. The three projects under the Race to Rethink Plastics venture are Mushroom Cultivation using biodegradable bags as opposed to plastic bags. The benefits are employment though cultivation of Mushrooms, elimination of plastic use and use of biodegradable material, manufacture of biodegradable bags using starch from Tapioca as the material. The benefits of this project are employment, conservation of environment through use of organic material,  unique and trendy as well as useful bags and pouches, organic compost  and manufacture of Green straws using coconut palm fronds thus eliminating the need for use of plastics in a product that is much in demand at eateries and juice shops as well as homes. The benefits are employment,  green and safe environment, alternative to plastics.
All 3 projects aim to minimize the use of Plastics, leading to conservation of biodiversity, as suggested by the title of the project Race to Rethink Plastics. These projects aim to provide employment opportunities to people, especially women from lower income group. The beneficiaries are women who are a part of Self help groups in and around Thiruvallur district. They are provided with employment that can be sustained as a long-term venture which can be expanded in the future from a small scale to large scale business.
All 3 projects using  organic material as an alternative to plastic, namely jute, tapioca starch and biodegradable bags. These projects aim to minimize waste and reuse even the by-products of the manufacturing  process as compost/fertilizer to provide an organic  alternative to plants and kitchen gardens thus substituting chemical/ synthetic fertilizers.
The mushrooms and manufactured products are sold at retail outlets by the members of the SHGs.

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