Fresher’s Day Celebration in Alpha Arts and Science College

Alpha Arts and Science College (Porur) organised Fresher’s Day 2019 on July The program started with the invocation song by the Alpha Choir and with the Word of God.  
The dignitaries on the Dias were Dr. Jeyarani Andrew (Co- founder of Jesus Mission), Dr. Grace George (Founder and Patron of Alpha Group of Institutions), Dr. Rani(Academic officer Alpha Group of Institutions), Dr. D. Ashalatha(Principal of the College), Dr. Tamilarasi (Shift II Co-ordinator).  Dr. D. Aashaltha delivered the welcome address to the gathering. 
Dr. Grace George, the Chairperson felicitated the Chief Guest Dr. Jeyarani Andrew (Co- founder of Jesus Mission), with a momento.  Dr. D. Ashalatha, Principal felicitated chairperson with a bouquet as a small token of love and affection.  Dr. Tamilarasi, (Shift II Co-ordinator), felicitated the academic officer Dr. Rani with a bouquet. Dr. Grace George, delivered the presidential address to the gathering.  Being a best academician and a receiver of ‘Sevarathna’ award the chairperson welcomed the new budding stars as they are start their college life. 
She also stated that every child would be given personal attention, because the institution is more concerned, about their education and career.   
She emphasized that every individual child has to be disciplined and will be monitored in the college premises, as we are the prideful college in the city. 
She also stressed on the holistic education that is rendered to students to develop the student’s individual talent and personality. 
Alpha Group of Institutions is famous for good training in their language and communication skills in English, to develop all round as a outstanding personality and help students in various skill development areas to connect them to campus to corporate. 
She finally concluded that God is the mighty power and everyone should pray for his or her betterment.  Dr. Selvamangai, the Council Secretary and Head of the Department of Bio Technology  introduced the chief guest to the gathering by giving a small gist of Dr.  Jeyarani Andrew.  Dr. Jeyarani  Andrew delivered the chief guest address to the gathering.
She explained about her experience from her childhood as to how she grew up with the anxious dreams of her and her parents. She started her education as a medical student and later as a Messenger of GOD. 
She emphasized that she could see the sparking eyes of the new children who have come to the College as it is their first day of the college life. 
She made students release on the journey of 3D technology, where first D –Stand for their Dream, second D- stands for Discipline and the third D- stand s for Destiny. 
She emphasized a life of stability when the students are undergoing their journey of education.  Finally she concluded that God is there in every corner of their life to help them be on the right track. 
She also gave a message to the parents that they should have patience in growing up their child to yield them for a fruitful life in their future.  
Dr. Tamilarasi (Co-ordinator Shift II) delivered vote of thanks.  The programme came to an end with National Anthem.

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