Talk on Guru Bhakthi

The Heartfulness Institute, organised a talk by Hariprasad Swamiji of Sri Vishnu Mohan Foundation on Guru Bakthi on May 12  at Manapakkam.Shri Hariprasad Swami (Founder, Vishnu Mohan Foundation(SVMF))  began his talk by stressing on the importance of choosing a guru.
He also quoted Bhaja Govindam, a spiritual treatise, to emphasise key aspects of adopting a guru and fine-tuning required to progress rapidly in the chosen path to realisation. Real knowledge,  he said, comes from within and not from books. This is why experience is important than theoretical exposure, he sought to reiterate. 
Many nuggets of wisdom were presented during his talk that left a deep impact on the audience. 
The program was organised by Heartfulness Institute, Manapakkam.

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