IBOS conference held

IBOS (Indian Biologics Orthopaedic Society) second annual conference was held on Mar 29 at Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education, Porur.
Dr. B.Samuel Chittaranjan (HOD, Orthopaedic Surgery, Believers Church Medical College, Tiruvella, Kerala) was inaugurated the conference.
He said biologics, especially cell biology should become part of teaching and training in Orthopaetics in addition to the conventional medicine, surgery and physiotherapy.
Dr.P.V.Vijayaraghavan (Vice chancellor, SRIHER) said biological products not only provide a variety of options but moves towards a more natural healing.
Dr.M.S.Dhillon (President Indian Biologics Orthopaedic Society) in his speech said Biologicals hold great promise in treatment of orthopaedic problems but cost will be the most inhibiting factor for some time to come. But if countries invest in volumes and guarantee bio-product manufacturers a fair return on their investments it can be made available to a large number of patients when the cost will certainly come down.
Organising Chairman of the conference and Director, Centre for Sports Science and HOD Arthroscopic Surgery, SRMC, Dr.S.Arumugam said that recent techniques and concepts using natural biological substances like PRP, BMAC, Stem-cells, Adipocytes, Autologous Conditioned Serum, Gene Therapy have revolutionised the management of various painful orthopaedic conditions.
The proceedings of the conference have been made available live over webcasting for the medical practitioners who could not attend the conference in person, he added.
For more information contact Dr. S. Arumugam, Director, Centre for Sports Science, SRIHER, 9840036099 T.G.Nallamuthu, Consultant, Media Relations, 9940399346, 9444265578, mediarelations@sriramachandra.edu.in

Cooking class on Mar 30

Aliya is conducting cooking class on premix powders for gravies:
Red gravy premix (Butter paneer)
Green gravy premix(Palak paneer)
White gravy premix (Navrattan korma)
Yellow gravy premix(Muttar paneer)
Continental premix (Mixed vegetable)
Basundi premix /badam milk.
Many other gravies can be made with these premix.
Venue: New No.22A, New Bangaru Colony, 1st Street,
Time:10.30am to 1.30pm
For details contact: 9094500466

Alpha Arts and Science College celebrated College Day

Alpha Arts and Science College (Porur) celebrated its Annual college day on Mar 16 in the college premisesThe Chief Guest for the occasion was Nanda Kumar, IRS, Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, Department of Revenue Ministry of Finance, Government of India. The Guest of Honour was Dr. S. Uthamkumar Jamadhagni, Professor and Head, Department of Defense and Strategic Studies, University of Madras. Dr. Grace George, Chairperson and Suja George, Vice Chairperson, Alpha group of institutions presided over the occasion. Dr. D. Ashalatha (Principal), Geetha Ravi (Vice Principal), Purnalakshmi (Coordinator of Shift II), were the other dignitaries present on the occasion.
The formal programme began with an invocation to the almighty by the Alpha Choir. R. Saikrishna (President, Student Forum, Shift I), gave a welcome address.
Dr.Grace George, Chairperson, Alpha Group of Institutions, delivered the presidential address encouraging the student body to follow the good practices of Hard Work, Positive
Approach and Prayer to gain success in life.
Guest of Honour, Dr. S. Uthamkumar Jamadhagni, in his address spoke of how India as the world’s most ‘youthful country’ will soon have a major say in world affairs. V. Nanda Kumar, IRS spoke on the topic “The Distance we Travel”. Nanda Kumar narrating the journey that he had traversed from childhood to his present role as IRS officer and beyond touched all with incidents from his life that harped on the importance of education.
Truly, here is a young citizen of the country who transformed his own life in spite of several hurdles and conscientiously touches the life of several unprivileged children such as
Meritorious students were honoured in various disciplines. The dignitaries distributed prizes to students for their proficiency and performance in varied fields of learning. This was followed by a time of looking back, celebrating and reminiscing over past events with the screening of the Annual college day Documentary, which took the audience through the events and accomplishments of the departments and clubs in the present academic year. Kaviya (Vice President, Student Forum, Shift II) delivered the vote of thanks.
A range of cultural programmes, including classical, western and fusion dance, as well as mime
were performed by the students of Alpha mesmerizing the audience gathered.

Heartfulness centre celebrated Women’s Day

Women, normally perceived to be sweet or soft, can express ‘anger’ too. For, a woman to let her guard down will mean true liberation. The days of this gender being considered as eternal givers or embodiment of patience are over.
These observations were made by her as a chief guest at the Heartfulness Centre, Manapakkam, on March 8 to mark the International Women’s Day celebrations. Speaking on the theme of Balance for Better, she sought to highlight that women should be as human as men and be allowed to express themselves freely, in a natural way. Her empowerment should not impact the society and civilization.
She also spoke about child abuse, which is on the rise today due to the gender stereotypical behaviour. Inculcated in the children by parents at a young age, the abuse aggravates due to the societal norms, she pointed out, citing examples of the two Nobel prize winners Nadiya Murad and Denis Mukwege Mukengere (peace prize winners for 2018).
S Prakash (Zone Coordinator, Chennai Metro Zone, Heartfulness Institute) began the proceedings of the event, that saw the rendition of a fusion song ‘acham acham illai,’ by children and a group of women.
The other dignitaries and special invitees were CK Gariyalai (IAS), Sita Sundar Ram (Secretary, Sanskrit College Management Committee), Sabitha Nagraj (GM, Indian Oil), Dr.Vijaya, (Prof, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Madras Medical College).
Women achievers were recognized and presented with Designing Destiny, a book authored by Kamlesh D Patel, Global Heartfulness Guide, Heartfulness Institute.

YS Science Camp (Electricity) Today

Young-Scientist.in is conducting a Science camp on Mar 17 (Sunday) at 10.30am to 4pm in YS Science Centre, Sholinganallur.
In this camp, they explore the physics and engineering aspect of electricity and electrical systems. The camp includes a tour of the YS Science Centre, a science show, workshop and a DIY section where each participant builds a table lamp and takes it home.
The entrance ticket is Rs.1100. Eligibility: Std. 2 to Std.10.

நாளை முதல் பாலமுருகன் கோவிலில் பங்குனி உத்திர திருவிழா

போரூர் பாலமுருகன் கோவிலில் 42வது ஆண்டு பங்குனி உத்திர திருவிழா மார்ச் 18ந் தேதி முதல் 21ந் தேதி வரை நடைபெறுகிறது.
நிகழ்ச்சிகள் விபரம்:
மார்ச் 18ந் தேதி
காலை 6 மணிக்கு ஸ்ரீ மஹா கணபதி ஹோமம், ஸ்ரீ லஷ்மி ஹோமம், ஸ்ரீ நவகிரஹ ஹோமம், சத்ரு சம்ஹார திரிசதி ஹோமம்
மார்ச் 19ந் தேதி
காலை 8.45 மணிக்கு ஸ்ரீ மாணிக்க விநாயகப் பெருமானுக்கு அபிஷேகம், தீபாராதனை வழிபாடு
மாலை 5 மணிக்கு இசை நிகழ்ச்சி (நாதஸ்வரம்)
மாலை 6 மணிக்கு பாலமுருகனுக்கு விபூதி அலங்காரம்
மாலை 6.30 மணிக்கு இசை நிகழச்சி
இரவு 8 மணிக்கு பாலமுருகன் ஆலயத்திலிருந்து சக்திவேலுடன் வீதி வலம் வந்து ஆஞ்சநேயர் கோயில் அடைதல்
இரவு 9 மணிக்கு ஆஞ்சநேயர் கோவிலில் சக்திவேல் அபிஷேகம்
இரவு 10 மணிக்கு சக்தி கலசம் அலங்கரித்து சக்திவேல் திருவீதி வலம் வந்து பாலமுருகன் கோயில் முன் உள்ள சக்தி கோவில் அருகில் ஸ்தாபிதம்
மார்ச் 20ந் தேதி
காலை 7 மணிக்கு பாலமுருகனுக்கு விசேஷ அபிஷேகம் மற்றும் சிறப்பு அலங்காரம்
காலை 7 மணிக்கு இரமாநாத ஈஸ்வரர் கோவிலில் பங்குனி உத்திர அபிஷேகம், ஈஸ்வரருக்கு வஸ்திரம் சாத்துதலும் அம்மனுக்கு புடவை சாத்துதலும் விசேஷ தீபாராதனை வழிபாடும் நடைபெறும்
காலை 9 மணிக்கு பாலமுருகன் கோவிலில் சக்திவேல் காவடிகள், அபிஷேக அலங்காரம், தீபாராதனை
காலை 10.15 மணிக்கு வேண்டுதல் பெற்ற அன்பர்களுக்கு 108 வேல்கள் அணிவித்து பால்குடங்கள், பஞ்சாமிர்தம், விபூதி, பன்னீர காவடிகளுடன் தீ மதி, புஷ்ப தேரிலி பாலமுருகன் திருவீதி உலா வைபவம்
பிற்பகல் 1.30 மணிக்கு பாலமுருகனுக்கு பால்குடங்கள் பஞ்சாமிர்தம், இளநீர், விபூதி, தேன், நெய், காவடிகள், அபிஷேக அலங்காரம், தீபாராதனை
பிற்பகல் 2 மணிக்கு திருவமுது அளித்தல்
மாலை 6 மணிக்கு பாலமுருகனுக்கு ஸ்ரீராஜ அலங்காரம் சிறப்பு தீபாராதனை
இரவு 7 மணிக்கு இன்னிசை பக்திப்பாடல்கள்
மார்ச் 20ந் தேதி மற்றும் மார்ச் 21ந் தேதி உற்சவர் விசேஷ அலங்காரம்
மார்ச் 21ந் தேதி
மாலை 4 மணிக்கு நாதஸ்வரம்
இரவு 7 மணிக்கு பாலமுருகனுக்கு சந்தனகாப்பு அலங்காரம், தூப, தீபாராதனை வழிபாடு
இரவு 8 மணிக்கு இன்னிசை கச்சேரி
இரவு 11 மணிக்கு இடும்பன் பூஜை
இரவு 11.30 மணிக்கு பிரசாதம் வழங்குதல்
அனைவரும் வருக.

Extraordinary memory power of little girl

Diya ( a 4 year old girl from Gerumbakkam) was received a certificate and medal from High Range, Book of World Records for reciting the name of all 200 countries along with its capital by just looking at the flags.
When she was 1 and half years old, she could recognize the flags of 40 countries shown on Flashcards.
She also know the countries name just seeing the shapes of the countries.
She also has a passion in singing and dancing.
Her parents name is P. Thirunavukarasu and Vijayalakshmi. Ph. No.: 99628 24048 / 89407 63991.

அகத்தீஸ்வரர் கோவிலில் பங்குனி உத்திர திருக்கல்யாண உற்சவம்

வளசரவாக்கம் அகத்தீஸ்வரர் மற்றும் வேள்விஸ்வரர் கோவிலில் பங்குனி உத்திரத்தை முன்னிட்டு மார்ச் 21ந் தேதி மாலை 6 மணி முதல் 8 மணிக்குள் அருள்மிகு வேள்வீஸ்வரர்க்கும் அருள்மிகு திரிபுரசுந்தரி அம்பாளுக்கும் பங்குனி உத்திர திருக்கல்யாண உற்சவம் நடைபெறுகிறது.
நிகழ்ச்சிகள் விபரம்:
மார்ச் 21ந் தேதி
காலை 8 மணிக்கு: வேள்வீஸ்வரர்க்கும் திரிபுரசுந்தரி அம்பாளுக்கும் சிறப்பு அபிஷேகம் மற்றும் சிறப்பு அலங்காரம்
மாலை 6 மணி முதல் 8 மணி வரை: திருக்கல்யாணம்
இரவு 8.30 மணிக்கு: அருட்பிரசாதம் வழங்குதல்
அனைவரும் வருக.

Alpha Arts and Science College celebrates College Day

Alpha Arts and Science College (Porur) has organised College Day on Mar 16 at 5.30 pm in the college premises.
V. Nanda Kumar, (IRS, Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Government of India) will be the chief guest.
The guest of honour is S. Uthamkumar Jamadhagni, (Professor and Head, Department of Defence and
Strategic Studies, University of Madras).
Dr. Grace George, Chairperson and Suja George, Vice Chairperson, Alpha Group of Institutions will preside over the function.

International Conference held in Alpha Arts and Science College

The Department of Commerce (Shift I & II), Alpha Arts and Science College (Porur), Chennai organized an International Conference on Digitalisation of Banking Operations: Outreach, Challenges and Impact on Economy on Mar 1 at 9.00am in the college premises.
The objective of the conference was to enable researchers, academicians and students to exhibit their latest findings and provide a forum for the transfer and dissemination of new and emerging concepts pertaining to the banking sector.
The conference focussed on the key areas of technology in Banking, Cyber Crimes and Security Laws, E-Banking, Customer Experience and Engagement, among other areas.
The conference began with an Invocation seeking the blessings of the almighty.
This was followed by the traditional lighting of the Candle. Dr. Mitra Priya, (Head of Department of Commerce, Shift II) welcomed the dignitaries and the paper presenters to the conference. Dr. S.Nakkiran, Professor, Ambo University, Ethiopia, the chief guest on this occasion, addressed the gathering of academia. Other Dignitaries who added much value to the conference theme with their insights, experience and expertise were The Keynote Speaker, Dr. J. Sadakkudulla, (Director General, UEF Chamber of Commerce, Former Regional Director, Reserve Bank of India, Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry) and CA R. Veerabathiran, Manager, Allahabad Bank, (Anna Salai) who would be the principal guest.
The afternoon witnessed technical sessions headed by Lt. Dr. B. Bhuvaneshwari, (Head of Department of Economics, Shift I) and Dr. Aneesh Kumar, (Head of Department of Information Systems Management, Shift I) on the topics Outreach, Challenges and Impact on Economy and Origin and Growth of Digital Banking.
This conference had more than 95 .participants from India and abroad. Dr. G. Sankaranarayanan, (Head of Department of Commerce, Shift I) presented the report of the conference. Principal Dr. D. Ashalatha, Alpha Arts and Science College delivered the Valedictory Address.