Dr.Sai Satish replaces the damaged heart valve through TAVR

Dr.Sai Satish, Senior Interventional Cardiologist and team of Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, replaced the damaged heart valve through Trans catheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) procedure and gave a new lease of life to a 82 year-old EX Army Major General Dr. Sathyapalan (A medical doctor from 1955 batch of Stanley Medical college – served 33 years in the Indian Army) who suffered Severe Aortic Stenosis due to surgical valve failure.
Explaining the case Dr. Sai Sathish said, “This was an extremely challenging case as the vessels in his leg were severely calcified and narrowed and no valve could be moved across them for replacement. Since the patient did not have any old records or information on the previously implanted surgical valve including its size etc., it was further challenging for us to replace the failed valve with a new one. His age and physical health again stood as a high risk making the procedure very demanding.”
He also added, “The procedure however went extremely smooth, the narrowed leg vessel was first dialated with multiple ballons gently until the space was big enough to accommodate the valve system, the valve was then moved across this and placed safely, inside the old degenerated surgical valve in under 20 mins.” The patient was shifted back to the CCU fully conscious and then back to the normal ward the very same evening.

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